For months, our team embarked on a daring quest through the vast expanse of the internet to uncover the top 100 bravest B2B video ads out there.

PICTURE THIS: Countless hours spent watching a gazillion B2B ads. And guess what? Only the absolute cream of the crop made it into the Brave100. But how did we choose? Well, using a hybrid model of System1 and LinkedIn APAC’s methodologies, we put them through the wringer using the below:

Story Arc:

Did the narrative grab us by the collar and keep us glued?


Was it in line with what the brand stands for?


Did it make us laugh or stir our inner muse?


Did the soundtrack complement and elevate the narrative?

Fast-Cut Scenes:

Were things kept moving to hold our attention?

Buyer Situations:

Could buyers easily relate to what's on-screen?

Our list isn’t just a fleeting snapshot — it’s a testament to resilience, insight and that intangible ‘something special.’ You’re not just exploring leaders; you’re encountering legends in the making.