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How we took Aventi’s presentation to boss level.

Hold on to your seats… We were given the task of developing a presentation for Aventi’s SAP One Workforce event in Brussels. But here’s the kicker – it had to be more than just a snooze-inducing slideshow. No, no, no. It had to be visually stunning, engaging, and take attendees on an epic journey through the history of the workforce. Piece of cake, right?

Challenge accepted!

After 140 hours of hard graft in workshops, production documents, script writing, graphic design, animation, and video development, we created 158 short videos that came together to form one epic presentation. It was displayed on all four walls of the room, and let’s just say that Richard, the founder of Aventi, looked like a total boss.

The result? A happy client and an engaging presentation that was a hit at the event. They were so chuffed that they plan to use it at all their future SAP Fieldglass One Workforce events.