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How we saddled up to get our humps out on the socials.

Black Camel Agency is the youngest spawn of The Effect Group, we’re like the little sister to 3 older brothers. Sure, she can be a handful, but she’s also the one stealing the spotlight at family gatherings. But how do we make our social debut without being a total attention-seeking brat?

Our mission is to be known as the B2B ad agency that stands out against the boring, bland and mundane. Because let’s face it, being a copycat won’t get you far — it’ll get you a one-way ticket to Ignoredsville. But we’re not here to rebel just for the sake of it. We want to be different, but not so punk that we’re just another cliché. Our secret sauce? Painfully relatable content that hits close to home, and maybe (just maybe) gets a little giggle outta ya! So we did just that, so we hope.