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How we got Thales’ audience to fall in love with security (kinda).

This is the first of the two videos we teamed up with Thales and Exclusive Networks to film and produce. If you haven’t seen the other one, you’re gonna wanna, trust us, you won’t regret it. The ad is a hilarious analogy (well, at least got you to giggle, right?) for finding the correct cybersecurity solution. We compared it to finding the perfect love match, now there’s a comparison you didn’t think you’d find, well you find the unlikely here, so saddle up!

Our concept, “Match Made in Heaven,” led to Exclusive Networks getting all googly-eyed for the knight theme, using the “Thales Knight” in all their Thales ID Management and Data Protection Solution videos. The result? Increased engagement on LinkedIn and increased brand awareness for Thales among resellers.