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How “two women walk into a bar” wasn’t just a joke to Thales— it was a major success.

We love a challenge, especially when it involves crafting a message that sticks. We partnered with Exclusive Networks to help them promote Thales Cybersecurity solutions and position them as the top choice for resellers. Our concept, “Match Made in Heaven,” showcased security-minded individuals finding love in kindred souls and highlighted how Thales is the perfect match for those who take security seriously. The results were (love heart emoji) — the “Match Made in Heaven” campaign was as solid as the clanky knight suits, so much so that Exclusive Networks decided to embrace the knight theme throughout the year, using the “Thales Knight” in all their Thales ID Management and Data Protection Solution videos. The post of this video received the most engagement compared to their other organic posts on their LinkedIn page, proving that our concept was a loved one!